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1st2 Achieve Training Mission Statement

1st2 Achieve Training will inspire people to create opportunities and enrich lives through learning.

To achieve this Mission, the Director of 1st2 Achieve is committed to the following strategic objectives. We will:

  • Proactively promote learning opportunities available at 1st2 Achieve.

  • Strive to respond to the demands of individual learners, employees, employers and lo national priorities by developing a wide range of flexible delivery options.

  • Constantly seek to improve and provide learning experiences of outstanding quality.


1st2 Achieve Training is committed to providing the best possible service that we can. We welcome every opportunity to monitor and improve our service and having a “complaints and compliments” policy and a clear procedure for resolving complaints is one way of doing this.

We encourage all feedback from customers, including complaints, and have developed a Compliments and Complaints Policy and an associated Complaints Procedure. Our Complaints Policy explains our broad approach to handling all complaints. Our Complaints Procedure provides clear information on how individual complaints will be handled.

Reports relating to complaints will be responded to in accordance with our Policies and Procedures. If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your complaint, this will be dealt with as a failure of service under the terms of our Complaints Policy.


1st2 Achieve aims to resolve complaints quickly, fairly and effectively. We will:

  • Aim to put things right quickly for our customers when they go wrong

  • Keep our customers informed of the progress of their complaint and the results of any investigation

  • Seek to learn from each complaint to improve future performance

  • Set performance targets for responding to complaints and monitor our performance against these targets

  • Advise our customers of their right to appeal if they remain dissatisfied after their complaint has been through all stages of the internal Complaints Procedure


Compliments are valuable, welcome and important and when they are received, either verbally or in writing, they will be recorded. Compliments enable 1st2 Achieve Training to: –

  • understand that our service is being provided to the customers satisfaction

  • provide positive feedback to our staff

  • influence our organisational and service development

  • inform our quality assurance programme


1st2 Achieve Complaints Policy and associated Procedure will be readily available to customers. Together, they detail how to make a complaint and the timescales for a response from the company.

A complaint is when a customer tells us that they are not happy with something that we have done or not done, and we have not put things right.

Who is a customer?

A customer is anyone who contacts 1st2 Achieve Training to request a service or is in receipt of a service.

How can a complaint be made?

Any customer wishing to make a complaint can do so, by phone, e-mail, website or letter.

What is the process for making a complaint?

The process for making a complaint is detailed in the Complaints Procedure. This is a single document for use by 1st2 Achieve colleagues and customers.


1st2 Achieve is committed to continuous improvement in service delivery.
Our Service Standards for Complaints are:

  • We will make it easy and straightforward for you to make a complaint

  • We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within the published timescales and keep you informed

  • We will ensure you have a full explanation to your complaint in your preferred format

  • We will tell you if changes have been made to services following your complaint

  • We will review our Complaints Policy at regular intervals.


The Senior Management Team and all those in managerial or supervisory roles are responsible for developing and encouraging good customer care handling practice within their teams.

Compliance with Customer Complaints Policy is the responsibility of all members of the Company who deal with customers.


Our Customer Complaints Policy is available in hard copy. Please contact the Quality Manager if you wish to access this document in another format.

Training will be provided for staff to ensure awareness is raised and that staff members have a clear understanding of customer complaints and their responsibilities.

Equality & Diversity

Customers have a right to express dissatisfaction with the services they receive from 1st2 Achieve. Customers using this policy can expect to be treated fairly and without discrimination.

The Company has an Equality & Diversity Policy that covers all aspects of equality.


If you are unhappy with the service provided by 1st2 Achieve – whether it is the learning experience, assessment, the support you are receiving or about staff or the organisation itself – we promise to take your complaint seriously and treat it as confidential. We also aim to resolve your complaint as speedily as possible.

If you have a complaint about any decision that we have made that affects you, for example, if you feel that you have received the wrong grade for an assessment, or you disagree with an examination result, you should use the relevant awarding organisation’s appeals procedures, which we can advise you on. For all other issues and grievances, use this Complaints Procedure.

We are always pleased to receive compliments and complaints because they help us improve the service we provide, both for you and other learners. We’re also interested in your ideas for improving our services. We use the information you give only to improve things. Passing on personal information about you is protected by the Data Protection Act.

If you want to complain, here’s what you can do:

It helps if you complain straight away to the people involved, as they may be able to put things right immediately. You should make your complaint within 3 months of the event or problem occurring. At any stage, you can register a formal complaint by telephone, letter, or email. Give as much information as you can, including times, dates, places and names. Contact 1st2 Achieve Head Office on Tel: 01695 557705, email: or write to the Quality Manager at 1ST2 Achieve, C/o 2 Paddock Road, Skelmersdale, WN8 9PL.

You will get a first response within one week of receipt of your complaint, and a further response within four weeks.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can appeal the outcome to the Director whose email address is

For I-L-M Registered Learners Stage One

In the first instance you must try and resolve your complaint with 1st2 Achieve training using this internal Complaints policy.

Stage Two

If after exhausting the 1st2 Achieve complaints policy you still feel the problem needs to be escalated, then please raise your concern by emailing and putting complaint in the title of your email.

Please provide as much information as possible for example:

  • What is your complaint about?

  • Does it relate to an ILM Centre/Provider or Product/Service?

  • The dates of the incident or key dates

  • What action has been taken to date

  • What would you like ILM to do to ensure this is resolved

A member of the ILM Customer Service team will be allocated to ensure your enquiry is looked into and investigated and a complaint service request number will be provided. ILM will provide regular updates and ensure your complaint is resolved as a matter of urgency.

ILM may need to contact the Centre/Provider and make them aware of your complaint and this will allow ILM to complete an impartial investigation, but you will be informed beforehand if this is the case. ILM will respond to your complaint within 24 hours and aim to resolve within 8 working days. If ILM are unable to resolve your complaint, they will inform you at the earliest opportunity and ensure you are updated on a regular basis.

Please be aware – ILM may be limited to what they can tell you due to contractual or confidentiality issues.

Stage Three

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive to your complaint, you can request for your complaint to be raised with the ILM Customer Services Team Leader.

The Customer Services Team Leader will undertake a full review of the original complaint and evidence collected by the person who investigated the matter on your behalf and contact you to discuss the complaint further and discuss the next steps.

ILM aim to respond to your enquiry within 2 working days.

Final Stage – Learner

If you are still not satisfied with the response you receive from the Customer Service Team Leader you can request for the matter to be raised with the ILM Director of Product Development, Quality & Operations, ILM Quality, Compliance and Products.

ILM aim to respond to your enquiry within 10 working days.

Please note that if you are not happy with the final outcome, then you are within your rights to escalate this to the relevant Regulatory Body, as advised by your ILM Customer Service Team Leader.

Monitoring and Review

The impact of this Policy will be monitored through rigorous performance reporting to management and the Director.

Responsibility for review: Thomas Cartwright, Director
Review Date: February 2023

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