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Interview with Courtney: Achieving a Distinction in her Business Administrator Apprenticeship

Embarking on a journey towards a successful career often involves making critical decisions and seizing opportunities. Courtney, a talented and ambitious individual, recently reached a significant milestone in her professional development by achieving a distinction in her Business Administrator Level 3 apprenticeship. Her remarkable accomplishment not only demonstrates her dedication and perseverance but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring apprentices and learners in various fields.

In this exclusive interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Courtney to delve into her experience as a business administrator apprentice and gain valuable insights into her journey towards excellence. From the challenges she faced along the way to the strategies she employed to overcome them, Courtney's story provides invaluable guidance and motivation to those considering or currently pursuing an apprenticeship.



Interviewer - "Hi Courtney! Thank you so much for sitting down with us today to talk about your apprenticeship journey. Can you please introduce yourself for our audience?"

Courtney - "Hi all, I am Courtney I work for an events planning company called Inconnection. I recently completed a Business Administration apprenticeship through 1st2 Achieve Training."

Interviewer - "Thanks for that, I also heard that you received 100% marks and achieved a distinction on your apprenticeship. Well done! How are you feeling?"

Courtney - "Yeah I feel really good about it, I was definitely stressed towards the end but I am proud to have achieved what I did."

Important Questions!

Interviewer - "Well done again, we are really proud of you. I would like to ask some questions that our audience would love to hear about your apprenticeship journey. Our first question for you is... What motivated you to pursue this apprenticeship?"

Courtney - "University wasn't something I saw myself doing and I originally wanted to pursue a legal apprenticeship but I realised those types of apprenticeships belong to a very niche field. A recruiter named Amy from 1st2 Achieve saw my CV on Get My First Job and contacted me about a Business Administrator role. As soon as I saw the role, I knew I wanted to work for this company right away!"

Interviewer - "So it seemed like a perfect match then! How have you found working in the events sector as it is very different to the legal sector?"

Courtney - "So I work more with corporate gifting rather than the event side of things. I have also worked with the hospitality and finance side too. I love working in corporate as it involves more research and process work."

Interviewer - "How did your apprenticeship contribute to your personal and professional growth?"

Courtney - "It has mainly improved my confidence, I wouldn't have been able to do an interview like this two years ago. Julia, my tutor, has really helped me with it especially when I was preparing for my final presentation."

Interviewer - "Can you talk about a mentor or colleague who has made a significant impact on your overall apprenticeship experience?"

Courtney - "Sarah who is my manager and Dawn have both helped me out loads throughout my apprenticeship. They allowed me to grow as I journeyed through my apprenticeship and helped me become independent. They were also great with helping me balance both my job role and my apprenticeship work."

Interviewer - "Do you still receive the same support since finishing your apprenticeship?"

Courtney - "Yes! My whole team including Sarah and Dawn are very supportive, I feel that my mentors will continue being there for me for a very long time."

Interviewer - "What have you enjoyed the most about your role at Inconnection?"

Courtney - "I love the flexibility of going in-between the different departments. I really enjoyed being apart of hospitality, I was there for around a year and then moved back to where I am now. I have enjoyed both!"

Interviewer - "It's great that you have been able to experience so many new teams in your time as an apprentice. How did it feel working with new people and new dynamics?"

Courtney - "I have met some amazing people whilst working in different teams, especially Jen who is the loveliest person! Everyone has been so welcoming and the environment I work in just feels great!"

Interviewer - "What is your favourite part of your role?"

Courtney - "Definitely corporate gifting as it's a creative part of my role."

Interviewer - "What is corporate gifting exactly?"

Courtney - "So corporate gifting is working business to business. If a client wants to build a relationship with another client, partner or stakeholder, we will gather whatever they would like to send out to that person and we gift wrap it to make it more presentable. We also help supply items for live events."

What's Next?

Interviewer - "What are your goals for the future now you have finished your apprenticeship?"

Courtney - "At the moment, I am just enjoying working for Inconnection as I love my role and team."

Final Question!

Interviewer - "If you could have a superpower related to your apprenticeship, what would it be and why?"

Courtney - "Probably superspeed and super strength because I do a lot of packing in my role and I also spend many days on Excel!"

Interviewer - "Excel is something many people can't do and you do it daily! Is that a skill you learnt in your apprenticeship?"

Courtney - "Yeah, so I knew a bit of Excel beforehand but it has definitely improved during my apprenticeship. I even teach others tips and tricks now!"

Interviewer - "Thank you so much for your time today and allowing our audience to have an insight into your life as an apprentice."

Courtney - "No problem! Thanks for having me!"

With her distinction in Business Administrator Level 3 apprenticeship, Courtney has proven that with dedication, determination and the right support, success is attainable. Her story serves as a reminder that apprenticeships offer a valuable alternative to traditional education, equipping individuals with practical skills and experience while earning a qualification.

Whether you're considering an apprenticeship or simply seeking inspiration in your professional journey, Courtney's story is bound to resonate. Join us in celebrating her remarkable achievement and discover the invaluable lessons she learned along the way.


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