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Our Functional Skills qualifications are intended for anyone wishing to develop their maths. They focus on underpinning skills as well as the ability to apply maths to different contexts. They can be completed alongside an apprenticeship. These qualifications, can be used to support your progress towards GCSE. We offer our maths functional skills course as level 1 and 2.

Math Class


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Functional skills are great qualifications to have under your belt! Level 2 courses provide you with a GCSE equivalent which are recognised by every employer! Here are some more great reasons as to why functional skills are so important;

They provide you with fundamental knowledge and understanding of a subject that you need to succeed in your qualification.

Help you with your confidence in your chosen subjects and allows you to apply these skills to your everyday role. 

You can take these qualifications to any job you wish once you have passed!

Having these qualifications helps you progress in your job roles. 

Apprentices studying


"I have always struggled in school with my maths and was so disappointed with the results I achieved in my GCSE's. I started to panic and was unsure what to do as I knew a low score in Maths could affect my choices in the future. I always wanted to do an apprenticeship but worried that my GCSE's would stop me. Thankfully 1st2 Achieve reassured me that it wasn't a problem and that I could get my maths qualification whilst studying and working on my apprenticeship. My tutor helped me find the best way to learn maths and guided me through the work, I can now confidently say I achieved my level 2 in maths. I cannot thank them enough for helping me." 

- Heather Scott, 19, Personal Assistant

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