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‘You have the right to feel safe and valued’.

How do 1st2 Achieve Training safeguard their learners?

As a learner you can be assured that staff have been fully trained in recognising and responding to safeguarding issues. We understand that talking about a concern is not always easy, especially if this is with someone who you are not so familiar with.  We want to make this an easy process whereby staff are approachable and as a result can support learners to prevent harm and keep them safe.  The following are ways in which a safeguarding concern can be reported: 

  • You can record the fact that you want to talk to someone on the safeguarding website by completing a simple form which is shown as the “Learner Concern Form.”   

  • You can talk to your tutor, who will have been trained in how to respond and record safeguarding matters and can raise a concern on your behalf.  Your tutor will submit the information confidentially via the “Staff Concern Form”. 

  • You can email the safeguarding team, or contact one of the designated safeguarding officers below.   


Safeguarding lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead

safeguarding officer

Safeguarding Officer

safeguarding officer

Designated Safeguarding Officer

safeguarding officer

Safeguarding Officer


Unit 4, 4 Paddock Road, Skelmersdale, WN8 9PL.


0300 165 5099



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