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The Carbon Footprint Calculator has been designed to help UK based SMEs measure their corporate emission footprint by following GHG Protocol Guidance. This includes direct emissions from fuel and processes (Scope 1 emissions) and emissions from purchased electricity (or Scope 2 emissions) for the assets they operate. The results from the Carbon Calculator Tool can help you understand the carbon footprint performance of your company’s site.


Total emissions (kgCO2e):                                      14,996

Scope 1:                                                                        0%

Scope 2:                                                                    100%


Carbon Footprinting

If you’d like to know more about carbon footprinting, visit our Guide to Organisational Carbon Footprinting.

Business Case

You can now develop a business case for lighting improvements and report your organisational footprint here through our tools (select Tools as the 'type' and click 'Apply').


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