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Insider Interview: Hairdressing Apprentice Ruby

When it comes to learning about apprenticeships, we find it is best to learn from the apprentice experts themselves. We interviewed Ruby who is working at a salon in Liverpool. Ruby left school and started her apprenticeship back in September 2022, we caught up with her to see how she has been getting on.

We asked Ruby questions our audience has been dyeing to know for a while! So with that joke out the way, lets get to it...

Interviewer - Hi Ruby, first of all I would like to thank you for accepting our interview invitation. How are you today?

Ruby - Hi Charlotte! Yes I am doing great thanks, we have a busy day in the salon today which is great.

Interviewer - That's great to hear! Shall we get started?

Ruby - Yes!

Interviewer - Why did you want to start an apprenticeship?

Ruby - I wanted to start an apprenticeship as I feel it is a great way to gain hands-on experience in hairdressing. I have always preferred a more practical approach to learning and I feel I have already been learning much quicker in a working environment. I did initially sign up to join college after I finished school but decided the apprenticeship route was better for me. I left school in July 2022 and started hairdressing in September 2022. I also wanted the opportunity to learn valuable job skills and techniques and hopefully this will lead to long-term employment.

Interviewer - You mentioned you started your apprenticeship 5 months ago, how are you finding it?

Ruby - I am really enjoying it! I think it is the best decision I have ever made in my career path. I get lots of support from my tutor and team, I couldn't have asked for a better work environment.

Interviewer - What support do you specifically get in your apprenticeship?

Ruby - As I said before, my tutor and team have really helped me settle in during my first 5 months here. My tutor, Alison, communicates with me frequently and is always a phone call away if I need her. She has also been giving me more maths work to practise with whilst I study towards achieving my maths level 2. She has been really helpful from the start and I am confident she will help me during my apprenticeship in both hairdressing and maths. My team and management have also been very welcoming and supportive. I feel I have a great support system around me to help me learn and grow.

Interviewer - Speaking of your tutor, how are you finding having one to one support?

Ruby - I prefer having one to one support as I always felt distracted during school lessons and they were taught in classes of up to 30 students! Now I have one to one learning, I feel that I am learning at a much quicker pace and my maths is really improving.

Alison (Tutor) - "That is the thing with us hairdressers, we get distracted easily!"

Ruby - "Yes we do!"

Interviewer - What is your biggest achievement to date?

Ruby - My biggest achievement to date is definitely that my practical skillset is improving! I can now do roots, colour and currently finishing my straight blow dry techniques. I have also had some experience of working on curly hair, which can be a challenge at times! I am also really proud that clients are now asking for me directly and that I am gaining more regular customers.

Interviewer - What opportunities has your apprenticeship given you?

Ruby - It has given me the opportunity to meet lots of new people. I was pretty shy when I first started my apprenticeship and now that I work with clients and my team daily, I feel that I have built up a lot of confidence and I am even able to confidently do this interview with you!

Interviewer - What are your short term goals?

Ruby - I want to start working on the shop floor more often and gain more customers so I can learn new techniques.

Interviewer - What advice would you give to someone who wants to do this apprenticeship?

Ruby - You definitely have to want to work in the hairdressing industry as my apprenticeship is similar to working a full-time job. So interest in the industry is a must and you must enjoy learning in a more practical way. I would also advise that you be yourself during your apprenticeship, and always ask for help if you need it as your team will support you fully.

Interviewer - Lastly, what are your plans after you complete your apprenticeship?

Ruby - Once I have finished my level 2 in hairdressing, I would like to advance onto my level 3 and continue working at the salon. My end goal is to definitely open up my own salon and maybe even take on a few apprentices of my own!

So that concludes our apprentice interview today, we hope you have learned something new and if this has sparked your interest in completing an apprenticeship please get in touch with us today! We cover the North West and we also deliver some apprenticeships nationwide.

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